About Us


It will be more accurate to talk about a little about Venus before answering “Who are we?” and “Why VenusWed?”.  Venus, the closest second planet to the Sun, is considered to be very similar to the Earth on which we breathe. Venus is based on Greek mythology and Roman mythology. You may know the name of Aphrodite before. Aphrodite was called as Venus in Roman Mythology.

If you ask “Why VenusWed?”, Venus was such a god that she could rule people and nature. She gives life and blessings on earth. The barren lands have begun to sprout. If Venus is not in a place, there is no joy and no happy children around there. Therefore, Venus is known as “Goddess of Love”, “Goddess of Beauty” and “Goddess of Abundance”. For this reason, we have put ourselves in the name of Venus, saying that your love, your beauty, and your abundance are increased always.

So what are we doing? We as VenusWed take photographs of couples wherever they want to be taken photos. Although we are living in Istanbul city of Turkey, we do not limit ourselves at all. We feel that we have always enough energy to take your photos in any country or any cities. So how does it go on these shootings? We hear that you ask it. All our shootings last minimum  6 hours if you have enough time. So we see the sunset while taking photos with you. Nothing fake happens in the shootings. You are smiling and we handle other things. If you want to see our beautiful shootings, please click here to see our portfolio. If you like our shootings and you want to hire us what can you do? It is very simple. First of all, please click here and please fill  the form. Please do not hesitate to tell us what you are willing from us. And please click the “SEND” button. In a few days, we will contact you via e-mail or phone. That’s all.

The life of a photograph that is hiding in a sheltered place is more than human life. We will throw away what is so precious for us today in a few years. The values of the photograph will increase exponentially over the years. When we look back, we will have only a few photos and some memories.

Do you have any more questions? You can contact us immediately at info@venuswed.com

Would you like to see our shooting too? Then you can click on here to see our stories and live broadcasts shared on our Instagram page.