The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor Review

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The Venus Factor is PROOF that it works as a system and if you aren’t serious about dramatic weight loss, then click back and carry on with your normal life.

The world’s best diet system The Venus Factor has now been launched by the famous John Barban.

venus factor review logoJohn Barban is known for his miracles in bringing unbelievable weight loss to those who have struggled to lose weight in the past. This weight loss system has turned the dieting market on its head with its simple yet effective dieting techniques.

Hundreds of thousands of women worldwide have gained unthinkable new figures reshaping their bodies and lives forever!


venus facotr afterMy name is Rachel George and my aim after having my two beautiful children, Ellis and Sam was to get back into shape, look and feel good about myself again.

I felt embarrassed to take my clothes off around my husband and changed daily in the bathroom or in the dark because I was ashamed of my body, this was turning into a loveless relationship and i only had my self to blame. This is when I knew I had to take control of my life. Check out what i used to look like further down, you will be shocked!

Easier Said than Done, as you may know…

So this is when after countless hours and wasted money trawling the internet, I came across The Venus Factor. It had incredible Results which I even couldn’t believe and the compliments started flooding in from family and friends. I felt on top of the world and now I am going to give you an in-depth report of everything you can expect from the Venus Factor and how it is going to start changing your life today!

The Venus Factor Diet

the venus factor leptin diet

The Venus Factor diet is a super advanced type of Leptin diet. The Leptin diet is built around the idea of controlling and manipulating the amount of Leptin that the female body produces on a regular basis to influence rapid weight loss in a safe and enjoyable way. Women produce considerably more Leptin than men naturally every day. Leptin is the key to weight loss and if triggered correctly it creates amazing body transformations.

Venus Factor Science!

You see, despite the fact that ladies have more Leptin in their bodies than men, this high rate of natural Leptin clashes with different hormones that are discharged at literally the same time that offset the force that improves to significantly demolish fat wherever it is found. When you start the Venus Factor Diet the new methodology will fundamentally trigger a decrease of Leptin in the body, so as a result the hormones that contradicted Leptin reseed also – which tips the scales for fat misfortune, and accelerates your capacity to get the fat burning magic you had always wanted without needing to put in any genuine additional work whatsoever.

5 Things the Venus Diet will do.

  • Let’s your body do most of the fat burning work.
  • Triggers biochemical reactions in your body so that weight loss is a guarantee
  • Learn to control your hormones and your weight through diet and targeted exercise
  • Enjoy your new lifestyle changes, so that you stick to your new Venus Factor diet
  • Learn to listen to your body so that you know exactly how to tweak the overall program

So what is the Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is a complete all in one system specifically for women to lose weight and get into amazing shape quickly and effortlessly. It is broken down into easy to understand and follow sections to make sure you guarantee success with your new plan.

As part of your plan you will receive:

The fat burning 12 week workout program

The Venus Factor Course

HD Videos that can be applied at home or in the gym with easy step by step instructions. You can view these videos online by logging into your individual user portal to track your success.

The MUST HAVE Fat loss guide

Venus Fat Loss System

This gives nutritional information on what you are eating specifically for women. The Venus Factor is available with a downloadable PDF Manual that is available to print out. It contains the philosophy about the course and easy step by step instruction for following the diet. (It is very easy to follow!)

The Virtual Nutritionist,

venus factor nutritionThis is a software application that will create a customized nutrition regime based on the individual details you provide about yourself. A very clever kit that tailors to you personally.

The Venus Index Podcast.

the venus podcast

This is strictly a motivational and instructional tool, giving you a way to tune in with other women just like you who are going through the same struggles and reaching success. When success is all around you, it becomes a part of you as well, making these podcasts one of the most powerful mental tools for losing weight that you will ever see.

The Venus Factor online forum,

the venus factor forum

This is one of the best parts where you can connect with other users, ask specific questions about the course and share tips and experiences with the community. Users can create and share podcasts, blog about their experiences and make friends with like-minded women.


What results can you expect from the Venus Factor?

I personally lost 43 pounds in exactly 12 weeks and 4 days. It was incredible and not what I was expecting to say the least. Although the results vary from person to person. In general I would say you would lose the right amount of weight that your body will allow to keep healthy and also look great (This will not make you a size 0 – just so you know). It is kind of impossible to predict how much you will lose like all the other fake dieting sites promise, so I am not going to give you a figure but I would estimate depending on your current figure you will lose in the region of:

20,30,40,50 Pounds of weight loss +

venus factor before after

Gain a toned muscle complexion


About the Creator of the Venus Factor

John Barban is the man behind the Venus Factor System, and the man venus facor john barbmanthat has at long last created the best eating methodology arrangements for ladies. Working vigorously for a considerable length of time and in-depth studies he has been able to better comprehend the connection between diets, work out, hormones, and weight reduction. John at long last opened doors to the code several years back and has been working extremely hard to spread his unquestionable and unrivalled revelations with the world. Concentrating on helping ladies discover the most ideal approach to get thinner (the simplest approach to get more fit, the most dependable approach to shed pounds), you’ll see that John doubtlessly knows his stuff and will do completely all that he can to PERSONALLY help you accomplish the outcomes you’ve generally longed for. This is the sort of project that you can depend on for results.

Pros about the Venus Factor

Personally the pro’s far outweigh the cons from the very start. This plan is digital so you receive it straight away. So in effect you could start the Venus factor in the next 5 minutes. It definitely works as a weight loss program as I lost over 40 pounds, the proof is in the pudding – pardon the pun.

The price is very good, I couldn’t put a price on this and can’t believe it is available at this cost, but who’s complaining!

The community is a huge help, 99% of the time if there is a question that you have, it has already been answered in the forum, and if not it will be answered almost straight away. All the videos are very straight forward and easy to follow as well as the manual. It is linked to the member’s area so there is no confusion on performing the correct tasks.

It is a real weight loss program, not a fad that is constantly marketed for profit. As you may know it is through recommendations on how you know about this program and it will stay that way.

It allows you to carry on eating the foods you normally eat but teaches you how to balance it so you can naturally burn the fat way.



You have to do the work even though it is relatively easy, a part of you must want to lose the weight and not just dream about it. I managed to this and I have relatively low will power!


After my time with the venus factor I know 100% without a doubt it works. It worked for me, my friends and thousands of women all over the world. It is a real honest program with no BS that allows you to naturally lose weight legitimately and carry on your normal life without feeling stressed and tired. I cannot see this system being around for long before a big fish buys the whole program and markets it for 10X more. Right now it is still available.

So you want my honest opinion?

You can do this!